What I will be publishing for the next few months

This post is intended to give you, Readers, an idea of the future posts I will be publishing in terms of books and subject treated. Until now, I have basically covered subjects like negotiation – the 3rd alternative by Stephen R Covey, How to negotiate by Frank L.Accuf – and Leadership / Self development through – The power of habit by Charles Duhigg and the power of thinking big by David J.Schwartz -.

My future post will be about Personal development. I’ll be writing about the best seller book from Stephen R Covey “7 Habits of highly effective people” which is a book that  had a real impact on me both personally and professionally.

While I didn’t yet defined in which order I’ll be covering the future posts, these are the books I’ll be working on :

  • “Getting To Yes” by Roger Fisher and William L. Ury – Negotiation, management
  • “Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman – Leadership, Management
  • “Principle Centered Leadership” by Stephen R Covey – Leadership, Personal development, Management
  • “The Charisma Myth” by Olivia Fox Cabane – Personal development
  • “Influence” by Robert Cialdini – Psychology, Marketing
  • “Five minds for the future” by Howard Gardner – Education
  • “The Element” by Ken Robinson – Education, Creativity

If there are any books that you might like to see on my future posts, I will be delighted to add them to the list. Please also feel free to suggest any ideas regarding my post in terms of content, form, style or writing. It could significantly help me, as the writers, and you, as the reader, to better grasp the subject covered.



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